Top Factors To Consider When Buying A Pool Filter

A pool filter is an essential part of your swimming well-being. This is because it’s responsible for cleaning the water and keeping it in safe conditions. That’s why you should pay close attention to the pool filter you choose. When the filter is not functioning well, it might affect other pool components. It might overwhelm the pump. But even worse, the water will be contaminated and risk your well-being.

In this article, we’ll share with you the top factors to consider when buying Brisbane pool filters.

  1. Pool Size

The first thing to consider is the amount of water you want to filter. The pool volume will determine this. When you check different filters, you’ll realize they have volume ratings. This is to ensure you pick the right filter that won’t be overwhelmed by your filter size.

If you don’t know the volume of your pool, measure its depth, width, and length in meters. Multiply the measurement. You will get cubic meters directly translated into the total volume in liters. You can also ask your contractor to help you decide and choose the volume of your pool.

  • Pool Type

Do you have an infinity pool or in-ground filter? This is a critical question that you must ask yourself. This is because different filters will work perfectly on different types of pools. An above-ground filter should be relatively smaller as compared to an in-ground pool of the same size. So, as you think about the pool size, consider the type of the pool and choose the filter that would serve you better.

  • Pump Compatibility

The pool filtration system is connected to the pool pump. This is because the pump pushes the water from the pool into the filter and then takes it back into the pool. So, to get the filter to perform well, it should have a compatible capacity with the pump.

Consider factors such as the flow rate of the filter. It’s basically the amount of water that needs to pass through the filter per hour. The flow rate the filter can handle should be similar to the flow rate the pump supplies to the filter. If the pump has a higher flow rate, it will end up overwhelming the filter, eventually leading to its failure.

  • Budget

Brisbane pool filters come at different prices. Consider the cost of buying and maintaining the filter. Think long term and buy what will suit your budget. It’s advisable to buy a quality filter that doesn’t cost a lot of money in maintenance or replacement. So, don’t just think of the price. Factor all the costs that could be involved with the filter. When the pool filter is not selected correctly then the cost of running the filtration system can increase too. and with the state of energy pricing around the world (see this article: this is not what anyone wants.

Parting Shot

When you have the best Brisbane pool filters, you can be sure your pool will be safe. This is because your water will be cleaned and stays safe for everyone using it. So, consider all the above factors and choose the filter that suits you.